Scotts Scholastic Tutoring is formed from multiple years of tutoring experience and the success of every individual we've come in contact with.

Whether tutoring is needed for school studys or an upcoming test, Scotts Scholastic Tutoring can help achieve the intended goal. We offer very flexible scheduling and can accomodate most situations presented. We also offer intensive group tutoring for many of our focus subjects. The grade levels we tutor varie from elementary up to college level.



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One-on-One tutoring
One-on-One tutoring

We offer highly effective one-on-one tutoring for all ages and grade levels. We work closely together to meet intended goals together.

Group Tutoring
Group Tutoring

We offer group intensive tutoring for numerous of subjects. The experience with our group tutoring is similar to a small class group, however everyone will be involved and we are helping each other meet our goals...very enjoyable.

Programming Tutoring
Programming Tutoring

We offer introductory tutoring for many of todays programming languages. Contact us for further information on our programming sessions

Online Tutoring
Online Tutoring

We also have online sessions available. We can bring the session to you over a computer screen from anywhere


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We tutor grade levels ranging from elementary to college. We are equipped with the knowledge to help in any situation.
Yes, We gladly offer as needed flexible tutoring schedules. It is entirely up to you how frequent the meetings will be.
Scotts Scholastic Tutoring offers very cost efficient tutoring. We believe receiving academic help should not hit hard on the bank account. We offer hourly rates as low as $20.00 per hour. Please inquire with us for personalized pricing plan.
That's a very good question! We are a unique tutoring company that allows results to speak for us. We generally offer trial sessions to first time clients and they fall in love after the first hour with us. Our delivery of material cannot be matched by any other tutoring company. Try us out and see why!!
Another great question! Our group tutoring is by far the most effective experiences we offer. A group of 3 or more is gathered in a 3-4 hour intensive session focusing on a primary subject. It is a very challenging but fun experience and we really enjoy hosting these sessions.

Yes that is correct. We offer sessions for many of todays programming languages including Java and Python. After one session most clients are able to begin coding immediately.

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